SIL 20 Wall Treatment

SIL-T20 is suitable for use on brick, natural stone or any absorbant building material. By saturating the building material with the product, the original strength and porosity of the building material can be restored. 

Stone Conservation

Stone varies in its chemical composition and mineralogical structure. Its weatherability and durability will also vary, the deterioration being triggered by water absorption and pollutants. The porosity of the stone is the critical factor. There are several types of deterioration including:

  • Mechanical Corrosion
  • Freeze thaw damage
  • Salt damage
  • Swelling and Shrinkage
  • Chemical Corrosion
  • Loss of binder through salt formation
  • Rearrangement of binder through crust formation
  • Biological Corrosion
  • Attack by algae, lichen, moss and bacteria.

SIL 20 must only be applied to mineral building materials which are thoroughly clean. The areas to be treated must be cleaned with warm water or preferably by steam cleaning.

How SIL-T20 Works

SIL-T20 is a formulated silicate impregnating agent for use in the consolidating and strengthening of friable structural building materials. When applied, it penetrates through the capillaries of the construction materials. The product reacts with atmospheric moisture forming a silica gel adhesive which binds the building material. Under standard conditions (20°C / 50% R.H), the final hardness is reached in about 10 days.

  • Very easy to use
  • Excellent depth of penetration
  • Does not seal the pores in the stonework
  • Original strength of the stonework can be restored
  • Water vapour permeability of the building is not affected.

General Processing Guidelines: 

SIL-T20 should be applied only after the following has been determined:

  • Determine the exact state of the building material
  • Mark out a large test area and after application, examine the area for marking, discolouration etc
  • Using the test area, establish consumption per square metre
  • Monitor the application process and continue to check the results obtained.

Download Full Installation Guide Here SILT-T20