SIL 14 Wall Treatment

SIL-T Logo 1SIL-T14 is suitable for use on brick, mortar, sandstone, granite, mineral plaster and concrete. It is not suitable for use on dense natural stone such as marble and limestone. It is also not suggested for use on reinforced concrete.

SIL-T14 greatly reduces the capillary absorption of water but it does not seal the pores or capillaries thus not impairing the breathability of the structure.

Benefit of Using SIL T14

SIL-T14 ensures that water vapour can escape unhindered from the masonry and any damp can dry out. The natural diffusion water vapour permeability of the building is not affected.

SIL-T14 is a formulated water repellent showing the following special features.

  • Excellent depth of penetration
  • Excellent water repellancy
  • Rapid tack free drying
  • Solvent free

SIL-T14 must only be applied to mineral building materials. It is not suitable for application over any type of paint.

Download the Full Installation Guide Here SILT-T14