Wall Treatments

Preserving the walls of your building is one way to avoid loss of market value. It is a constant battle as materials such as concrete and stone are exposed to the elements. 

The Problem

Water and salts cause the most damage to  building materials. Water is the most common source of serious damage because it transports harmful substances – primarily from pollution – into the heart of the structure where they can wreak havoc.

Whatever sort of building you own, you need to be aware of the best ways to protect your property and things that won’t necessarily protect it.

Traditionally, people apply masonry paints to buildings to protect them. We have all seen the television advertisements and promotional literature telling us the building will be ‘sealed’.

Therein lays the problem. Rainwater cannot penetrate the building but neither can the building fabric ‘breath’. Any water vapour generated inside – from breathing itself, showers, kettles, cooking etc – cannot escape. This leads to condensation build-up and eventually mould growth.

This has a negative effect on the air quality in your home and if not treated can lead to breathing ailments.

Our Solution

We have developed a large range of silane based wall treatments to address these problems. They are based on our experience and developed to suit specific building problems.

By using the SIL-T product range you can clear all mould or algae growth and begin the process of slowly drying out the wall.

Our Siloxane SIL-T water repellent is hydrophobic. It is suitable for masonry protection, damp proofing, stone restoration and masonry consolidation. It repels water but still allows the fabric to breath.

This leads to a more thermally efficient wall because over time the water in the pores of the structure will be replaced by air, and since air is less conductive than water , the thermal performance of the wall increases naturally.


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