ThermoSoc Report by Dundalk IT

Thermo-Soc Evaluation

Engineers: Fergal O’Rourke and Paul Egan


Institution: Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dublin Road

Dundalk, Co. Louth


The objective of this study was to conduct a performance appraisal of a prototype insulated wall plate assembly to validate operational functionality and efficiency. In this report, a detailed description of the issues associated with airtightness and cold bridging is given. Furthermore, energy losses, in the form of draughts, make up a significant part of the energy performance of a building. Based on finding in the literature, there are a large number of domestic dwellings throughout Ireland not constructed to a particularly high standard. A thermal imaging camera is employed to demonstrate the problem of airtightness in a domestic dwelling, with a floor area of approximately 390 m2, which was constructed within the last 10 years. An assessment of the energy losses due to draughts within the building envelope is then conducted. A best case/worst case scenario is then conducted. The results of the assessment concluded that a purpose built product to reduce these energy losses would be worth investing in.

Thermo-Soc Report DKIT Enviroform