Thermo-Pro Finlock


There are thousands of untreated Finlock gutters currently in the UK. Their main aim was to close off the cavity and provide a simple and effective guttering system to Homes.

Over the past number of years these guttering systems have caused many problems within many homes.

These areas cause more of a problem during the winter as many home owners have the central heating switched on. As the Internal temperature increases from the central heating system the heat will rise and it will meet the cold surface at the Finlock gutters causing condensation to form and lead to mould growth in these areas.

Specific problems can include:

  • Joint Cracking.
  • Subsequent Water Ingress Problems.
  • Cracks in Plaster.
  • Mould growth where the wall meets the ceiling

At Enviroform we have a weathering and thermal solution.

By introducing Thermo-flash the linear thermal transmittance is reduced by over 60% and the internal surface temperature is increased by 3.9oC eliminating the risk of condensation creating a healthy indoor environment. The temperature factor is now above 0.75.

Download Thermo-Pro Finlock Information here: THERMOFLASH Finlock gutters – INSTA REV B