Thermo Trac

Thermo Trac Product Information

Thermo Trac [Patent No. 2528659] is a unique cold bridge insulation solution from Enviroform that is used below the DPM line.

Thermo Trac Product BenefitsThermo Trac Cold bridge Insulation from Enviroform

  • Faster installations
  • Reduce risk of on site damage.
  •  SuperiorwWeatherproofed and Pre-finished solution.
  •  No thermal breaks in EWI.
  •  ReduceddDisruption to access.
  •  The Thermo-Pro profiles can be fitted ahead of the main insulation works without scaffolding.
  •  Simplifies the job of the primary EWIS contractor.
  •  Increase Internal Surface Temperature[/tab
Thermo Trac Cold bridge insulation solution from EnviroformThermo-Trac is a prefinished insulated base rail with an integrated damp proof membrane layer used for eliminating cold bridging below the DPM zone.

Simply bedded into a specially designed water proof mortar, it can be efficiently installed and levelled from both the vertical and horizontal plain.

The product can be easily cut to allow for sloping or rising plinth details leaving a clean aesthetically pleasing finish. 

Key Areas of Use

Heat map showing absence of Thermo Trac and resulting cold bridge problems

Below DPM 

Key Advantages


  • Elimination of cold bridging.
  • Pre finished aluminium.
  • Pre manufactured corners.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Easy to install.
  • Cost effective.