Thermo Bead

Thermo-Bead Product Information

Thermo Pro Product Benefitsthermo bead

  • Faster installations
  • Reduce risk of on site damage.
  •  Superior weatherproofed and pre-finished solution
  •  No thermal breaks in EWI.
  •  Reduce disruption to access.
  •  The Thermo-Pro profiles can be fitted ahead of the main insulation works without scaffolding.
  •  Simplifies the job of the primary EWIS contractor.
  •  Increased Internal Surface Temperature.

Product Description

ThermobeadThermo-Bead is a fast, cost effective and ultra-thin solution to deal with the cold bridging at external window reveals.

Thermo-Bead comprises of standard beads insulated with 10mm of Aerogel insulation and integrates seamlessly into all existing EWI systems leaving a finished depth of just 17mm.

Key Advantages

Using Thermo-Bead with 10mm of Aerogel insulation provides the same thermal resistance as 23mm of Graphite EPS saving 13mm of valuable space for window and door openings.

Thermo bead thermal

• Thermo-Bead 10mm + 7mm Coating = 17mm

• Graphite EPS 23mm + 7mm Coating = 30mm