Is Your Thermal Cocoon a Horror Story?

Thermal Cocoon. What is it? Well, anyone remember the eighties horror film Cocoon. About the Aliens that lived in a swimming pool safe and secure in their cocoons? Obviously they were safe and warm in the swimming pool, the water couldn’t get in and they were secure. The Thermal Cocoon was complete, allowing the aliens to survive and thrive.

Is your Thermal Cocoon a Horror Story? Any Gaps in Your Thermal Cocoon?

Now imagine a bunch of aliens came to earth and set up in your home by getting in through a gap in your insulation. How would you fare? Do you even know if your insulation is alien proof let alone waterproof? Do you know where the gaps are? Think of all those aliens making their way across your thermal bridges? The horror.

There could be things getting in through your walls that you know nothing about. If your thermal cocoon is compromised or non existent, when moisture and damp gets in, it allows aliens like fungus and mould to grow on your walls, breaching your thermal cocoon every day and every night. Imagine coming down every morning to a sickly looking extraterrestrial who longs for the warmth of his native planet rather than your draughty cold abode. ET phone home? Or, ET phone Enviroform?

Insulation and Heat Transfer

So what is the connection between insulation and aliens you might legitimately ask? Apart from Cocoon, well there are several. Firstly the Space Shuttle. NASA has taken Aerogels to the next level beyond what was previously imagined, and uncovered a world of possibilities for this versatile material. It’s all about heat transfer or lack of. In other words, insulation.

According to Tori Woods, SGT Inc.
NASA’s Glenn Research Center Polymer-enhanced aerogels and polymer-based aerogels have numerous potential applications, both in space, on distant planets and on our own Earth. They are light, durable and extremely effective at insulating and preventing heat transfer.

Aerogels are among the lightest solid materials known to man and are created by removing moisture from a gel while maintaining the gel structure. The resulting material provides very effective insulation.

 NASA uses Aspen Aerogels’ product for cryogenic applications such as launch vehicles, space shuttle applications, life support equipment, and rocket engine test stands, there is an array of commercial industrial applications including pipe insulation, building and construction, appliances and refrigeration equipment, trucks and automobiles, as well as consumer applications, such as personal apparel. Most recently, the NASA-derived Aerogel has been applied to protect and insulate people’s hands and feet, the applications are endless.

Which brings us back to Cocoon, our 1985 comedy horror movie from Ron Howard which had that batch of aliens from the planet Antarea visit earth and set up home in a swimming pool in their cocoons.

The pool offered earthlings the gift of re-energy and life. If your Thermal Cocoon is breached, you may well find alien species growing in your house. And, if that is the case, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters or Enviroform Solutions?

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