Spaceloft Aerogel Van Insulation Means Space and Comfort

Spaceloft Aerogel insulation is ideal for vans and mobile homes because it provides warmth and does not take up too much space. Van living just became much more comfortable.

Surfers, climbers, mountain bikers, outdoor people – some of the folk who favour the life of a nomad in a van. The appeal of the open road, travelling from place to place bringing your home with you sounds great in theory.

And suggestions are that more and more people are inclined to forego bricks and mortar for the open road. The climber Alex Honnold explains in his book that he was so used to van life that even after he bought a house he still lived in his van!

We helped Galway based bike technician and mechanic Gary Davoren customise his van for living and working on the road at mountain bike events.

Van Interior – Workshop

If you live in a van or spend a lot of time on the road, one striking consideration which seems too obvious to overlook is how to make your van comfortable? The first thing is how do you stay warm? Especially if your idea of van life includes travelling in the UK Ireland or Europe.

Choosing the right insulation can turn a traditional transit type van into a touring classic.

Insulation will improve the thermal performance of any vehicle, from a transit or Hiace, from camper vans right through to a more elaborate Winnebago motorhome.

The first constraint is typically space so it is logical to use a thin but thermally sound insulation material. 

Spaceloft Aerogel is the highest performing insulation available. With a Thermal Conductivity of 0.015W/mK,  Spaceloft  will provide the best option compared to other insulation materials  in both terms of space saving and thermal performance.

We provide Spaceloft Aerogel in 10mm thick sheets, to make best use of available space and fitting neatly around any internal features.

We supply cut to size with adhesive strips and can advise on fitting. Spaceloft Aerogel is easy to cut to shape and being flexible follows the contours of the vehicle interior.

By talking to us, we can understand your requirements and advise on installation and what you need to purchase to avoid waste.