Spaceloft® Aerogel Tailor Fit

When customers enquire about our Spaceloft® Aerogel product not only are they attracted by the Insulation properties and also the fact that our focus on getting Insulation right means that we can cut our aerogel to the required shape and size and deliver it to a site ready to install.

Spaceloft® Aerogel is a flexible aerogel composite blanket designed specifically for insulating buildings. According to Aspen Aerogel, with a thermal conductivity of 0.015 W/mK, Spaceloft® is approximately two and half times better performing than standard insulation 

And because it is engineered for unmatched thermal insulating performance in construction, home insulation, it is becoming more and common in retrofit, heritage restoration and new build.

Liam Brown of Enviroform explained “we have a steady supply of Spaceloft® Aerogel going out to customers in Ireland, in the UK and across into Europe.” 

“We are seeing that more and more architects and builders are becoming familiar with Spaceloft® Aerogel Insulation, understand its properties and are increasingly using our products in a range of projects. There is a lot of housing stock with insulation needs and Spaceloft® Aerogel ticks the boxes.”

“The fact that we can provide our products cut to measure and delivered ready to instal is a big plus. It saves time and effort on site. Whether we are working in hard to treat areas, around steel box sections and lintels or around window reveals we are able to provide the solution.”

“We have a range of flexible products that address practical problems and work in treating problems where the maximum insulation performance is required but space is limited.