Spaceloft Aerogel is the Missing Link in Property Insulation

“You are the weakest link. . . Goodbye.” We all remember that line delivered acidly by Ann Robinson. If you haven’t thought through your home insulation and ensured that there is continuity between layers of insulation then you can say goodbye to the prospect of a warm home, no drafts, and mould free walls.

The fact is that because insulation literally isn’t thought through properly in many homes, thermal bridges are created creating problems for the building fabric of your property. Cold patches, damp, mould and ugly marks on walls and windows.

From our experience Spaceloft Aerogel is the missing link in modern insulation because quite simply, Spaceloft Aerogel can be used where other forms of insulation just cannot and will not work.

And where might the missing link be used in a property? Here are some examples:

  • Steel Posts – connecting two frames with minimal space allowing no disruption to the view
  • Window Reveals – allowing window reveals to be insulated without obscuring the frame – internal or external
  • Wall Returns – allowing internal wall / external wall junctions to be insulated with 10mm
  • Floors – insulation solid floors with minimal raising of the floors level.
  • Joists / Between floors – connecting thicker insulation between floors.

From experience in working on retrofit and heritage restorations as well as liaising with Architects and contractors on new builds, we know that Spaceloft Aerogel is ideal as the missing link between standard thicker insulation types so that thermal bridging can be eliminated.

Many property owners are surprised that as little as 10mm thin Spaceloft Aerogel is enough to provide the missing link between two types of insulation to eliminate thermal bridging.

It is very easy to overlook such as small gap, but once you know that the weakest link is there, you can now do something about it because 10mm is all that is needed.

It doesn’t matter whether it is new or retrofit because 10mm is all the space you need to connect thicker insulation types.

We have been cutting and shaping Spaceloft Aerogel off site for customers to bridge the gap and provide the missing link. The results? No more thermal bridging, no more damp or mould and a marked improvement in the warmth of a property. Say good bye to the Weakest link and say hello to Missing Link. Spaceloft Aerogel.