Slentex®: Energy Efficient and Innovative

There is a growing demand for and interest in energy-efficient construction materials. This is in parallel with demand for modern insulating materials. As a state of the art insulation material, Slentex® ticks the boxes.

Dr. Wibke Lölsberg, responsible for the global market launch at BASF, tells us more about Slentex’s property profile and the wide range of applications.

Slentex® is an innovative high-performance material that uses aerogels. It brings a significant insulation performance. It has a lambda value of 19 mW/mK.

Due to its unique properties, Slentex® is suitable for challenging tasks thanks to its flexible structure. It is adaptable to to uneven surfaces or rounded facades.

Because Slentex® was developed on the basis of purely mineral raw materials, it has been awarded fire protection class A2-s1, d0 – “non-combustible”. The new insulating material thus combines maximum performance with safety and good handling. And is therefore ideally suited to answer current and future challenges in the field of energy-efficient construction. 

Slentex® is going out regularly from Enviroform Solutions for a range of new build and retrofit projects.