Thermo Bead

Thermo-Bead is a fast, cost effective and ultra-thin wall insulation solution used to deal with the cold bridging at external window reveals. If wall insulation at reveals is overlooked it can cause cold bridging which undermines the thermal cocooning of a property.

Use of Thermo-Bead addresses the cold bridging problems that this can cause. Typically these problems are damp patches, mould appearing on walls and discolouration eventually leading to costly repairs. Thermo-Bead os one of a family of Enviroform Solutions insulation products using Spaceloft Aerogel.

ThermoBead Product Information

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ThermoBead is an ultra thin wall insulation product. It is designed to eliminate cold bridging at reveals. Typically wall insulation at reveals may be overlooked by contractors. The use of Thermo-Bead addresses the cold bridging problems that this can cause. Without insulation, cold bridges at window and door reveals can result in damp, mould and discolouration.

Thermo-Bead comprises standard beads insulated with 10mm of Spaceloft Aerogel insulation and integrates seamlessly into all existing EWI systems leaving a finished depth of just 17mm.

Thermo-Bead offers a superior weatherproofed and pre-finished solution that ensures there are no thermal breaks in the external wall Insulation. It is a straightforward product to apply and its use simplifies the job of the primary external wall insulation contractor.

Using Thermo-Bead with 10mm of Spaceloft Aerogel insulation provides the same thermal resistance as 23mm of Graphite EPS saving 13mm of valuable space for window and door openings.

  • Thermo-Bead 10mm + 7mm Coating = 17mm
  • Graphite EPS 23mm + 7mm Coating = 30mm

ThermoBead Product Information