Product Focus: Spaceloft Aerogel for Steel Posts and Window Lintels

Insulating Steel Posts and Window Lintels

Insulating steel posts and lintels. It is a simple but valuable detail in ensuring the integrity of your home insulation. Time and again we see examples where clients go to the extreme of installing ultra efficient windows. But they neglect the details. The details in this case are Steel Posts and Window Lintels.

Neglecting insulation in posts and window lintels is a very common issue in new houses where steel supports are used between frames in bay windows.

Abandon Heat all Who Ignore Insulation

If the steel lintel isn’t insulated, you are effectively leaving a window ajar in the thermal cocooning of your property. By not insulating the steel post properly, you will have created a cold bridge. Over time that will reveal itself in the form of mould and damp patches.

Wrapping a steel support in 10mm foiled Spaceloft Aerogel will serve to insulate this section and eliminate the cold bridge. This will help prevent mould growth in the years ahead.

Window post and doorframe insulation is often selected even after high performance heat efficient windows are installed.

Insulating steel posts with Spaceloft Aerogel insulation can be a relatively straightforward solution. Creating an unbroken insulation layer ensure the integrity of your building.

Installation Guide

  • Cut foiled Spaceloft Aerogel to size. Make sure two pieces are wider by 20mm ensure full coverage.
  • Using the spray glue provided, spray the steel and then the Spaceloft Aerogel. Wait until tacky (1-2min) then place Spaceloft Aerogel onto steel.
  • Using high grab air tight tape, cover all horizontal, vertical and corner joints, making sure that that are no gaps in the Spaceloft Aerogel blanket layer.
  • New window or doors can be butted up against the Spaceloft Aerogel and fixed as recommended.

About Spaceloft Aerogel

If you want to reduce the heat loss from your property, maintain the historical identity and integrity of your building and enhance the safety, warmth and comfort of the occupants then you cannot look beyond Spaceloft Aerogel.

Using Spaceloft Aerogel as your insulation solution will Boost R values and address thermal bridges. Our products are carefully thought out to place your hoe within a warm and safe thermal cocoon.