Laying E-Therm Flooring

Laying E-Therm Slim Flooring 

  •  Once the floor is level, clean and free of loose debris prepare the first board.
  •  Apply enough flexible tile adhesive evenly for one panel. ~(See Fig 1 page 1)
  •  Trim 50mm off the shiplap edges.

The first board should be laid in the left hand corner of the room. The short edge of the panel should align with the short side of the floor (1) and the long edge of the panel (B) should align with the long side of the floor (2).

Before laying second panel run a bead of Magnaseal on the bottom 6mm board on the first panel to create a seal.

The board may need to be altered if the corner of the room is not totally square.

  • Measure and Mark the panel to the size required.
  • Cut across the “panel using a handsaw or circular Saw.
  • Allow a 3-5mm expansion gap around the perimeter of the floor if required.
E-Therm Installation


Continue laying the boards in this manner until the first row is complete. Cut the final board if required

  •  Use the offcut from the final board in the first row to start the second row.
  • Minimum size of stagger in joints is 150mm
  • Minimum size of offcut to use should be no less than 150mm x 1200mm
  •  Continue the step’s above until the floor area is covered. Cut the final row of panels if required
  •  Using Magnaseal fill all the joints between boards and scrap off excess