Kitchen Extension Steel Frame Insulation

We were contacted by the client with an enquiry about a steel-framed extension.

The main supporting structure was in the form of a steel frame, consisting of a combination of  box and H beam sections to maximise span and minimise structure thickness to allow light to flow into the room. 

The challenge was to ensure an effective way of insulating the frame to avoid any cold bridging, condensation or corrosion issues without adding unnecessary thickness to the steel.

The customer contacted Enviroform with very specific questions in the hope that we would be able to help with the design, specification  and supply what was required to ensure best in class insulation.

Having been sent the project photographs we knew that this was a project tailor made for using Spaceloft Aerogel Insulation to thermally isolate all the steel structure and eliminate the risk of any thermal bridging through the steel.

The customers simply confirmed both the dimensions of the box sections and H beams along with the running meters of each.

From this information we were able to provide a list of the sizes they needed to effectively apply it on site.

Once the customer was happy with the proposal we were able to provide the “pieces of the jigsaw” specifically cut to allow him to fit on site with little or no waste.

Each 10mm foiled Spaceloft Aerogel strip was manufactured and sent out with double sides tape on the back to allow quick installation along with the foil tape foe all the joints and edges. 

The end result was an ideal application of Enviroform products on the beams and posts.

The client described the Spaceloft Aerogel as a “great product and perfectly suited for this project.”