MagnaLine SuperSlim (VT)

Magnaline Superslim (VT) includes an integrated VCL and is a unique, innovative insulation product that is remarkably thin and vapour tight.

Consisting of a 9mm Multi-Pro magnesium silicate board laminated to a foil faced aerogel insulation, Magnaline Superslim (VT) is the thinnest and most thermally efficient panel available on today’s market.

Magnaline Superslim is ideally suited to situations where space is at premium and loss of living area would impact upon occupancy comfort standards and property rental value.

Magnaline Superslim is available in a range of thicknesses, giving Architects the freedom to design maximum thermal standards whilst maintaining internal living space.

The combination of Enviroform’s patented fixing method and strong commitment to installation “Best Practice”, makes Magnaline Superslim the specifier’s choice.