Magnaline Slim (VT)


Magnaline Slim is a cost effective insulation product available in a range of thicknesses. It has unique moisture resistant properties and can be installed quickly. 

Magnaline Slim is a thermal laminate comprising a robust 6mm thick Multi-Pro magnesium silicate board, bonded to a high performance PIR (Polyisocyanurate Insulation Board) with a laminated foil layer included as an integrated AVCL.

Magnaline Slim is fixed using a rail system. It is fixed into the ceiling and floor and this creates a 16mm non-ventilated air gap.


  • Slow release urethane foam is applied to the back of the Magnaline Slim boards before fixing, to seal behind the boards to prevent thermal looping.
  • Two fixings at the top and bottom of the board are used to hold it in place and do not at any time come into contact with the external wall where thermal bridging and black spots can occur.
  • In effect we have “thermally decoupled” the internal insulation from the external wall.
  • To achieve a U-Value of 0.28, “Magnaline Slim incoporating Magnablok” will be a total thickness of 82mm (including 16mm non ventilated air gap).

Download further information here on our MagnaLine Slim Product Guide and MagnaLine Slim Information & Installation

Magnaline Slim and Magnablok Video from Enviroform Solutions on Vimeo.