Solutions for Cold Bridges

What is a Cold Bridge?

Very simply a cold bridge, sometimes called a thermal bridge is a gap or weakness in a building’s insulation. Typically it is found:

o   In reveals around doors and windows

o   Where cables and pipes penetrate walls

o   At junctions of walls, floors and roofs

Why is a Cold Bridge a Problem?

If you have cold bridges in your property you are losing heat; you are wasting money on heating and your insulation is not effective.

Many people spend money on thick insulation and the benefit is lost because of cold bridges that are not treated properly. Effects of a cold bridge are:

o   Your building is much harder to heat

o   Indoor surfaces are at lower winter temperatures

o   An increased risk of surface condensation

o   Risk of damages to building units, leading to vacancies & rehousing costs

o   Danger of mildew and mould, causing serious health threats, potential litigation

o   Complaints, withheld payments, reputation damage

How Can Enviroform Solutions Help?

We provide unique flexible solutions that are specific to your building.

We have specific products to address any of the problems that you might encounter.

We are able to future proof the fabric of the building by treating all cold bridges irrespective of:

o  where they are;

o  what the cause is,

o  how old the building is or

o  how complex the problem.