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Spaceloft aerogel Insulation reduces heating bills and protects your home.Our suite of energy conservation solutions is unrivalled, with innovative use of space loft aerogel insulation. We use tried and tested products and we lead the field in incorporating new technologies such as spaceloft aerogel insulation and thermal mass replacement techniques.

Insulation contractors and home insulation companies now know and understand the benefit of working with Enviroform to create building specific insulation.

We specialise in a number of insulation types for external wall insulation and internal wall treatment.

Whether it is home insulation, restoration of a heritage property building or refurbishment of an older building, we have the experience and expertise.

I was recently involved as architect for extensions, alterations and complete refurbishment of a large two and a half storey dwelling that dated from the 1930s and had only minor improvements since then. It was constructed using 225mm brickwork walls rendered externally and no element of the structure, walls, floors, or roof had any thermal insulation or air tightness value.

It became obvious at an early stage of specification and detail design that expert advice would need to be sought regarding proposals for wall insulation and any conflict that would then result with thermal bridging issues.

Contact was made with Enviroform Solutions, who visited site and gave advice and guidance on solving these problems. The materials and products available to them were then used in the refurbishment under their direction and guidance. Their expertise and early involvement in the project was invaluable and the work was carried out and completed with meticulous attention to detail.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Enviroform Solutions for any similar project and would not hesitate to use them again.

John McElroy RIBA

At Enviroform we value the trust invested in us by our customers. We deliver safe and healthy solutions that improve your home environment. Whether that is through the elimination of damp or removal of moulds that can contribute to breathing conditions.

Future Proof Insulation – Solves Problems from the Past.