Does Insulation Work in the Summer?

Insulation in Summer

For most of insulation is something that keeps us warm in the winter and is less of an issue in the summer months. Sweltering hot summers aren’t something that has been a major issue, but when the temperatures do rise, how does it feel in your house?

Hot sticky nights that mean you have to throw the windows wide open, let the hot air out and the cool air in, along with a jungle’s worth of moths, daddy long legs and spiders?

The purpose of insulation is to stop or reduce the movement of heat between two places of varying temperature. So in warm weather if your insulation is doing its job it should keep your building cooler.If you have established a thermal cocoon for your home you will have a created a barrier that will prevent h
ot air getting into your building on a really hot day. This works as the same way in which you lose heat in the winter. The same insulation that retains heat in winter should deflect away the heat from the sun in the summer months.

If your insulation isn’t up to scratch you will notice that the room that is really cold in winter is the same room that is very warm in the summer.

The importance of good insulation is that it doesn’t just save you heating costs and energy in the winter but it also keeps the home cool in the summer.

If you are thinking of having an insulation upgrade, the summer is a good time to proceed. Why? Well because during the summer months the house has hopefully had time to dry out somewhat, the walls will have less moisture. The other practical reason is that decent summer weather makes it easier for a contractor to install the insulation.

Understanding Moisture Movement

Moisture movement, especially in porous walls, has to be taken into account when planning your internal wall insulation upgrade.

Adding insulation to the inside of a solid wall reduces heat loss and has an effect on its natural ability to dry.

Based on the type of wall you have you need to decide what system best suits your wall type.

We have three options: Vapour Open; Vapour Closed; or Vapour Closed with Reverse Diffusion Membrane. We can advise you to ensure you make the right decision.

About Enviroform

At Enviroform we provide tailored Spaceloft Aerogel insulation solutions for new builds, refurbishing hard to treat homes and the most complex heritage property restorations.

Our customers can testify to the changes in their home. And that is because they have no more cold areas, damp, draughts or mould on walls. And lower fuel bills.

We build our solutions to suit your building. Through experience we understand the challenges in upgrading hard to treat housing.

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