Insulation Around Windows and Doors

Insulation for Reveals and Returns

When installing internal wall insulation, the reveals around windows and doors are often left untreated due to lack of space to fit conventional insulation.

Failure to address these areas will lead to condensation, damp and mould related problem. At Envirofom Solutions we have developed a specific product to address this common problem.

By combining Aerogel insulation, the world’s most efficient and thinnest Insulation material, with an extremely robust 6mm Magnesium board, Enviroform solutions have developed Magnaline Reveal – a 16mm thick reveal board.

Magnaline Reveal, with a thermal resistance of 0.8m2k/w, reduces the heat loss at these critical junctions to eliminate the risk of condensation and mould related problems.

For further details on Cold Bridging Solutions and Returns and Reveals Download Here: Magnaline Reveal Information & Install