Insulating Your Solid Floor

Insulating Your Floor With limited Space and Without Excavating.

Heat loss through a solid floor can cost you money and drastically reduce the energy efficiency of your home.

Many older homes or garages will have ground floors made from either uninsulated or poorly insulated solid concrete. We can treat these solid floors with E-Therm Slim to increase comfort levels and too save Money

E-Therm Slim is a floor insulation panel, specifically designed for solid floors where space is limited, and excavating is not an option. E-Therm Slim will raise your floor level by 42 mm/52mm.

The panel consists of a 2x6mm ship lapped and bonded to foiled faced PIR insulation.

e-therm Floor Pic

No special tools or precautions are required when fitting the panels and can be cut to the required shapes and size.

Domestic furniture can placed on top of the E-Therm Slim which is compatible with all floor finishes and under-floor heating systems. It is supplied in a 1200×1200 panel to allow for fast installation.