Insulating Vapour Open Walls

Water can have a significant impact on your building affecting the actual fabric of the building, heat retention and the health of those people who work or live there.

In planning insulation for individual buildings we need to understand whether they are ‘Vapour Open’ in other words breathable. If they are this needs to be taken into account in any refurbishment, renovation or refit.

For a material to be breathable it must have the following characteristics:

  • Vapour Permeable – it has the ability to allow vapour pass through
  • Hygroscopic – it has the ability to absorb moisture
  • Capillarity Active – it has the ability to release absorbed water through its pores or capillaries

At Enviroform Solutions we have developed a range of build specific insulation systems for use in renovation and retrofit projects, often these are older Heritage type properties constructed before the 1930s/1940s.