Floor And Roof Insulation

Roof  Insulation

It is a simple fact that a significant amount of the heat loss in your home is though your roof. Heat rises and unless your roof is insulated you are wasting heat and money. 

At Enviroform we have a range of attic and roof insulation products that eliminate loss of heat. These include Aerogel which is thin, easy to fit and adaptable for a range of attic ceiling and roof treatments.

So effective is Aerogel that it has been dubbed the super insulation for its properties.

Where we have used it in hard to treat buildings we have achieved impressive results. Aerogel fixes issues caused by thermal bridging, yet it is still breathable and being hydrophobic it does not deteriorate due to moisture or ageing,

Our specialist expertise means we can build specific roof insulation for your property.

Floor Insulation

Heat loss through a solid floor can cost you money and drastically reduce the energy efficiency of your home. Ultratherm Aerogel offers a money saving and heat retaining solution.

Many modern homes will have ground floors made from solid concrete. We can treat these solid floors with floor insulation for your comfort. And, it will also save you money.

For this sort of project we typically use Ultratherm aerogel flooring. It is the highest performing floor insulation panel, specifically designed for solid floors where space is at a premium, and excavating  is not an option.

Technical Spec: The panel consists of a 3mm high impact layer bonded to 10mm aerogel insulation, wrapped in a highly durable, robust vapour control membrane.

That means there is no disruption to fixtures and fittings. It is easy to install.  Twenty square metres can be laid in 90 minutes.

Aerogel is suitable for home use. Domestic furniture can placed on top of it and is compatible with most floor finishes and under-floor heating systems. We provide fast installation in roll or pre-fabricated board format.