E-Therm Solid Floor Insulation Systems

E-Therm – Solid Floor Insulation

E-Therm Ultra and E-Therm Slim are dry insulated flooring systems which increase the thermal performance of existing floors without the need for excavation or major disruption.

Heat loss through a uninsulated floor can cost you money and drastically reduce the thermal efficiency and comfort of your home.

When treating existing floors, space is usually always at a premium, and depending on what space you can afford to lose will determine which system you will use.

  • E-Therm Ultra is the thinnest and ranges from 14-34mm deep and uses the super insulation powers of Aerogel Insulation.
  • E-Therm Slim is slightly thicker ranging from 42-52mm deep and uses PIR insulation.

Two different products but with the same outcome – a warmer insulated comfortable floor.

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Download the E-therm Information: e-therm Rev3