E-Line SuperSlim

A vapour tight system using vapour open high performing aerogel insulation with an integrated reverse diffusion membrane which allows vapour to pass from the outside inwards during summer or warm months but not inwards to outwards. A very thin high performing thin solution where space is at an absolute premium.

E-Line Superslim was developed by Enviroform to simplify the process of insulating multiple layers of Aerogel onto Solid Walls.

 E-Line Superslim negates the need to use a direct fix method which increases its overall thermal performance.

 Our clients’’ have the freedom to line and finish the system in the board of their choice. These lining boards can range from 9/12mm gypsum board or 6/9mm calcium silicate board but not limited to these.

 Available in Aerogel thicknesses ranging from 30mm-80mm, solid walls can now be made very thermally efficient without the loss of internal space.


 E-Line Superslim is the thinnest and most thermally efficient system available in today’s market.

 Ideally suited to situations where space is at a premium.

 Vapour Diffusion Membrane.