E-Line Slim (VC)

E Line Slim Internal Wall InsulationE-Line Slim

E-Line Slim is a vapour tight insulation system with no ability for to allow vapour to pass inwards or outwards.

  • Vapour and Airtight Design
  • No Fixing into External Wall
  • High Impact finish
  • Robust Thermal Bridging Details`
  • Space Saving

E-Line Slim is manufactured from “Oversized PIR Insulation Boards (1205 x 2405) laminated to 1200 x 2400mm boards. The end result is that 2.5mm of all the Foiled Insulation is exposed around the perimeter of the magnesium board.


When two E-Line Slim Thermal Laminates are placed side by side a 5mm void is visible and allows the Installer to make sure the Insulation is touching and continuous at the joint.


When the boards are fixed in place, the 5mm joint and perimeter gaps are filled using Magna-seal to provide an Air and vapour tight solution. The boards can then simply be dry lined and painted using standard methods.

Please note when insulating solid walls with a VC system when their external face is it in original state ( Brick or Stone ) then vapour open water closed treatments are highly recommended.

Download the E Line Slim Brochure and E-Line Slim Installation Guide.