E-Line Reveal

E-Line Reveal Product Information

E-Line Reveal Benefits

  • R-Value 0.8m2Κ/W
  •  Reduces heat losses through reveals.
  •  Reduces risk of condensation in internally homes and buildings.
  •  Reduces risk of mould growth
  •  Reduces risk of obscuring window function
  •  It increases the overall performance of your insulation upgrade. 

E- line reveal rev1When installing internal wall insulation, the reveals around windows and doors are often left untreated due to lack of space to fit conventional insulation.

Failure to address these areas will lead to condensation, damp and mould related problems

E-Line Reveal Boards    By combining Aerogel insulation, the world’s most efficient and thinnest Insulation Material, with an extremely robust 6mm Magnesium board, Enviroform solutions have developed a 16mm thick reveal board.

E-LINE REVEAL, with a thermal resistance of 0.8m2k/w, reduces the heat loss at these critical junctions to eliminate the risk of condensation and mould related problems.

E-LINE REVEAL is supplied in two different formats:

Type I: 16mm x 1200mm x 2400mm

Type I does NOT contain a vapour control layer and is used with a Vapour open (VO) System

16mm x 1200mm x 2400mm, including VCL

Type II has an integrated vapour control layer and used when installing a Vapour Tight (VT) System

Key Benefits

  •  R-value 0.80m2K/W
  •  Reduces heat losses through reveals.
  •  Reduces risk of condensation
  •  Reduces risk of mould growth
  •  Does not cover window frame
  •  Adds to the overall performance of your insulation upgrade

Step 1 – Preparation

Reveal 1The Junction between the window frame and the wall, marked in red, must be sealed using MagnaSeal. This provides an Air and Vapour tight seal which is critical to the overall performance of the Install


Step 2 – Preparing Laminate

E-Line Reveal 116mm of the insulation on the back of the Thermal Laminate must be removed.


Step 3 – Fixing Laminate

This Thermal Laminate is then fixed to the wall leaving the insulation flush with the edge of the existing reveal, and the board finishing 16mm into the window opening.

Step 4 – Cutting

E-line Reveal 2Measure Internal dimensions of window/door opening. Mark the length and width of the reveal to be cut. Cut using circular saw or handsaw



Step 5 – Fixing 

E-Line Reveal 3Fix Head & Sill Reveals before left and right hand side

Adhesively and mechanically fix reveals in place using 50mm plastic insulation pins and MagnaFoam

Apply angle bead, jointing compound and dryline as per standard detail.