E-Line Natural Hybrid (VO VCRO)

E-Line Natural-hout1

Insulating Solid Walls

E-Line Natural – a vapour closed system using a combination of vapour open natural wood fibre and the super insulation powers of aerogel. It includes a reverse diffusion membrane and provides a thinner profile than the E Line Natural when set U Value targets are required but the space is not available to achieve them.

E-Line Natural-Hybrid was developed by Enviroform to combine the thermal mass properties of natural Wood fibre and the super insulating power of Aerogel when insulating Solid Walls.

 E-Line Natural-Hybrid negates the need to use direct fix method to the wall which therefore increases its overall thermal performance.

 E-Line allows our clients’ the freedom to line and finish the system in the board of their choice. These lining boards can range from 9/12mm gypsum board or 6/9mm calcium silicate board but not limited to these.

 Available in Wood fibre thicknesses ranging from 60mm-100mm and 20mm Aerogel , solid walls can now be made very thermally efficient by combining wood fibre and aerogel.


  • E-Line Natural-Hybrid Is a quick and easy dry system for upgrading your walls with a natural insulation material
  •  Vapour Diffusion Membrane.
  •  Specific heating capacity properties of wood fibre and the super insulation power of Aerogel

Download: E-Line Hybridguide Rev 6