DIY Reveal Kit

DIY Reveal Kit by Enviroform
DIY Reveal Kit

The Enviroform DIY Reveal kit provides a straightforward practical solution to problems of damp, mould and unsightly discolouration around reveals at doors and windows.

Neglecting to ensure insulation round windows and doors is a common oversight in refurbishment and renovation and unfortunately it can quickly reveal problems with your reveals.

With our DIY Reveal kit this is a problem no more.

  • Easy & Quick to Installation
  • Four Component Parts
  • R-value 0.80m2K/W
  • Reduces heat losses through reveals.
  • Reduces risk of mould growth
  • Finished hygienic Surface
  • No Wet Trades
  • No Redecorating
  • One Trade application

DIY Thermal Reveal Kit

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Thermal Reveal Kit