Thermojoist is Enviroform Solutions own internal Cold Bridging solution for floor joists. We have developed this because we believe the solutions on the market do not adequately address Cold Bridging problems.

We manufacture two different types of ThermoJoist: ThermoJoist A and ThermoJoist B.

  • ThermoJoist A is designed to prevent the cold bridge along the Joist end, where the Joist runs parallel to the external wall.
  • ThermoJoist B is designed prevent the cold bridge between the joists that are adjacent to the external wall.

Traditionally this problem would have been addressed by stripping back the floor and ceiling boards and using traditional insulation materials such as mineral wool, PIR, EPS or Wood Fibre between the joist and external wall to prevent the cold bridge. However, these methods do not address the issue of vapour control.

Hygrothermal and WUFI modelling have identified these areas can be over insulated, preventing the natural drying out of the joist ends during dry periods. This can lead to wet rot and possible structural failure.

In addition if an adequate vapour control and airtight layer are not applied at this junction, there is a very high risk of condensation, leading to structural damage in your building.

Our custom designed Enviroform Solutions ThermoJoist is a highly cost effective and robust Cold Bridging solution that combines 10mm of Aerogel Insulation and a double sided VCL. It is specially manufactured to fit neatly in between the joist at the external wall.

The VCL overlaps onto the joist controlling the problem of Vapour. The beauty with using 10mm of Aerogel Insulation is that it will prevent the cold bridge in the gap. Also, it fits into the areas where standard insulation may find difficult. ThermoJoist also returns back along each joist in the ceiling / floor to reduce the cold bridge at the joist.