Thermo-Pro Soil Pipe

 The Thermo-Pro range of profiles have been developed to provide a weather tight and thermal bridging solution for external wall insulation systems

No need to remove expensive Soil Pipes – just insulate behind them

Key Areas of Use

  • Soil Pipes
  • Gutters and Downpipes
  • Gateposts
  • Satellite Dishes
  • Window Installation


  • Faster Installations
  • Reduce risk of onsite damage
  • Superior Weatherproofed and pre-finished solution
  • No thermal breaks in EWI
  • Reduced disruption to access
  • The Thermo-Pro can be fitted ahead of the main insulation works without scaffolding, simplifying the job of the primary EWIS contractor.

By introducing the insulated profile the linear thermal transmittance is reduced by over 70% and the internal surface temperature is increased by 2.2oC significantly reducing the risk of condensation creating a healthy indoor environment.thermopro_diag3


Download Thermo-Pro Soil Pipe Information here: ThermoPro