Thermo-Flash is a very simple but also very effective solution that has been developed to prevent cold bridging in key areas in existing properties.

Thermoflash comprises 10mm high performance Spaceloft Aerogel insulation wrapped in a VCL with powder coated aluminium or lead flashing.  There are thousands of uninsulated Finlock gutters throughout the UK.

Key areas of use

  • Soffits
  • Finlock gutters
  • Lead flashing – Connecting wall and roof junctions
  • Parapet roof

Key advantage

  • Reduction of thermal bridging
  • Improved weatherproofing
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective

By introducing Thermo-flash the linear thermal transmittance is reduced by over 60% and the internal surface temperature is increased by 3.9oC eliminating the risk of condensation creating a healthy indoor environment. The temperature factor is now above 0.75.

The Thermoflash product range covers a breadth of solutions for most common cold bridging problems. To view the specification for each Thermoflash product click on the link below.

Thermoflash Insulated Lead Flashing 1

Thermoflash Insulated Lead Flashing 2

Thermoflash Finlock

Thermoflash Finlock Gutter

Thermoflash Finlock Gutter Fitting Explained

Thermoflash Finlock Gutter Installed

Thermoflash Fascia 1

Thermoflash Bay Window Explained