Thermo-Pro External Cold Bridging Products

The Key Junctions in question are: 1 Windows & Door – Reveals, Cills 2 Soil Pipes – Gate Posts 3 Eaves- Gutter- where no overhanging soffit exists 4 Lead Flashing Details – Bay windows – Single storey beside Two Storey 5 Below DPM Level

Cold Bridging in EWI

Enviroform Solutions have developed a number of unique products using Aerogel insulation combined with various materials, to tackle the issue of cold bridging and weathering at key junctions when installing External Wall Insulation.


1. Thermo-Bead

2. Thermo-Pro-Soil Pipe

3. Thermo-Pro-Eaves/Gutter

4. Thermo-Flash

5. Thermo-Trac

Failure to identify and adequately deal with these cold bridging elements can lead to

A. Increased heat loss from a dwelling compared with what was assumed during energy modelling.

B. The risk of condensation or mould growth from lowered internal Surface temperature at or near the Thermal Bridge Junction.

Download Product Guide: Ewi Solution rev10 Enviro