Cold Bridging

Mould Caused by a Cold Bridge
Mould caused by a Cold Bridge.

Cold Bridge Solutions

At Enviroform Solutions we design and manufacture innovative wall insulation using 10mm Aerogel Insulation.

This is an ideal solution for Internal and External Wall Insulation and Cold Bridging Products.

We like a challenge when it comes addressing cold bridging and can quickly turn around designs for non-standard applications. In simple terms we add the ‘Hat, Gloves and Socks’ to your trousers and jacket to keep your property warm and comfortable.

A Cold Bridge is heat loss through a localised area where the primary insulation layer is interrupted or significantly reduced.

It is difficult but not impossible to treat in solid wall insulation, but it becomes more significant where the building fabric has been upgraded.
  • Rise in heat energy demand
  • Indoor surfaces at lower winter temperatures
  • Increased risk of surface condensation
  • Risk of damages to building units, leading to vacancies and rehousing costs
  • Danger of mildew, causing serious health threats, potential litigation
  • Complaints, withheld payments, reputation damage
Focus On Thermal Bridging Retrofit

Aerogel blanket is used to solve existing problems, release space, modify building response and address thermal bridging issues in roof, wall, floors and services.

Enviroform Solutions are now in the unique position to provide unique products to tackle all these critical areas and therefore future proof the insulation upgrade and fabric of the building. We have knowledge and training in cold bridging and ventilation impacts.

We understand the certification of systems and what details they cover. We have experience and expertise in dealing with complex issues of space and in providing building specific cost effective solutions.

We are currently working with the BBA to produce a set of Thermal Robust Details for SWI and our products are protected by Patents, both here and in Europe.