Cold Bridge Means Mould Appearing At Corner Windows – Help!

Window post with aerogel insulation
Cold Bridge with Mould Visible

Mould Appearing At Corner Windows – Help!

New home owners may often find underlying cold bridging issues with their house emerging after they have moved in. This may reveal itself in the appearance of mould around windows and high on walls and ceilings. As an example, here at Enviroform we recently received the question below:

“I moved in my new house 2 years ago. There is mould growth at 5 corner windows where there is a cold bridge. 80mm square steel posts were used and the windows aborted up against them. Do you sell your 10mm foiled Spaceloft Aerogel product as a retrofit against the mould growth or do you have other products? Our windows are white on the inside.”

Firstly the definite answer is Yes! Spaceloft Aerogel insulation is an ideal solution to this problem which is correctly identified as a serious cold bridging problem. Wrapping a steel support in 10mm foiled Spaceloft Aerogel before your windows are installed will serve to insulate this section and eliminate the cold bridge. This will prevent mould growth

The issue highlighted here illustrates what happens by neglecting insulation in posts and window lintels. Is a very common issue in new houses where steel supports are used between frames in bay windows and left uninsulated..

Insulating Steel Posts and Lintels.

It is a simple but valuable detail in ensuring the integrity of your home insulation. Time and again we see examples where clients go to the extreme of installing ultra efficient windows. But they neglect the details.

If the steel lintel isn’t insulated, you are effectively leaving a window ajar in the thermal cocooning of your property. By not insulating the steel post properly, you will have created a cold bridge. Over time that will reveal itself in the form of mould and damp patches.

Wrapping a steel support in 10mm foiled Spaceloft Aerogel will serve to insulate this section and eliminate the cold bridge. This will help prevent mould growth in the years ahead. Window post and doorframe insulation can be installed even after high performance heat efficient windows are installed, however for best results insulate before windows are installed.

Insulating steel posts with Spaceloft Aerogel insulation can be a relatively straightforward solution. Creating an unbroken insulation layer ensure the integrity of your building.


Why Spaceloft Aerogel?

  • Spaceloft is a flexible, nanoporous aerogel blanket insulation designed to meet the demanding energy conservation requirements of residential and commercial building applications.
  • Spaceloft’s unique properties—extremely low thermal conductivity, superior flexibility, hydrophobicity, and ease of use—make it essential for those seeking the ultimate in thermal protection.
  • Superior Thermal Performance with up to five times better thermal performance than competing insulation products,  ideal for low energy, passive or zero-energy buildings.
  • Reduced Thickness and Profile that offers equal thermal resistance at a fraction of the thickness, releases space for building occupiers and increases investment returns for owners / investors.