Our Insulation Expertise

At Enviroform we offer build specific insulation solutions, whatever the problem. Our solutions are hi spec technical materials tailored to your building’s  needs.

Before commencing any work we will carry out a risk assessment. And we will explain what we are doing in language you understand to protect you, your property and its commercial value.

We have significant expertise in hard to treat properties whether they are social housing, owner occupied homes, heritage properties or premium building refurbishments.

We have an insulation product for any situation – solid walls, window reveals, floors and anywhere a cold bridge may be an issue within a building.

Our products use PIR Insulation, Hofatex woodfibre or Aerogel, the most advanced insulation technology available. On many of our solutions we use magnesium silicate board.

For every project we develop as specific action plan that takes account of all potential risks to the fabric of the building.

From that starting point we develop a build specific insulation solution.