08/11/2020 PR NewsWire

German court again finds Chinese aerogel products infringe Aspen’s European patents

Aspen Aerogels, Inc. announced today that it won broad infringement cases against Nano Tech Co., Ltd. (“Nano”) in the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany. The Mannheim Court issued judgments on July 31, 2020 finding that Nano’s sale of aerogel products infringed two of Aspen’s European patents, EP2422950B1 and EP2415577B1, as extended to Germany.

The Mannheim Court also issued injunctions prohibiting the offer, distribution, use or import of infringing products in Germany and held Nano liable to Aspen for damages. Importantly, these judgments and injunctions apply to aerogel sheets of all sizes or shapes manufactured by Nano and subject to the patent claims. The decisions are subject to appeal.

The Mannheim Court had previously found Guangdong Alison Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. (“Alison”) to have infringed the same patents in connection with aerogel sheets and issued similar injunctions against the offer, distribution, use or import of Alison’s aerogel materials. In addition, the German Federal Patent Court in Munich previously found the patent claims asserted against Alison and Nano to be valid. These decisions are now final and not subject to appeal.

 “Our core strategy is to invest in the research, development, commercialization and protection of our aerogel technology platform worldwide. Our patent portfolio has been validated in forums in the United States, Europe and Asia and the Chinese manufacturers have been repeatedly found to infringe our patents,” said Don Young, President and CEO of Aspen.

“Nano and Alison’s aerogel sheets and any parts, packages, panels or products derived from these aerogel sheets, violate Aspen’s patents, irrespective of the explanations, excuses or assertions made by the Chinese manufacturers, their European distributors or other resellers. We have a simple message to anyone considering the purchase, import, use or resale of infringing aerogel products: such actions violate the law. We remain firmly committed to enforcing our intellectual property and will take appropriate action against anyone that infringes our patents,” concluded Mr. Young.