E-Line Natural

Benefits at a Glance

Simple & effective method for installing wood fibre insulation

Natural Materials.

Thermal Mass Replacement.

Vapour Tight with a variable diffusion membrane.

No wet trades

Product Explanation

  • E-Line Natural was developed by Enviroform to simplify the process of insulating natural Wood fibre onto Solid Walls as it eliminates the need for wet trades.
  • E-Line Natural negates the need to use direct fix method to the wall which therefore increases its overall thermal performance.
  • E-Line allows our clients’ the freedom to line and finish the system in the board of their choice. These lining boards can range from 9/12mm gypsum board or 6/9mm calcium silicate board but not limited to these.
  • Available in Wood fibre thicknesses ranging from 60mm-120mm, solid walls can now be made very thermally efficient without the loss of internal space.